The Photo Book Club World Map

We would love to create a comprehensive map of all the best places to buy photobooks and zines around the world and so are asking for your help!

Let us know where the best place to buy photography books and zines are near you. We will add them to the map with your comments and a thanks.

twitter: @photobookclub
hashtag: #photobc

(The map will always be available for reference from the Resources page of this site)

You can see the shops we have already placed by viewing the map below or click the link to open in google.

View The Photo Book Club World Map in a larger map

0 replies on “The Photo Book Club World Map” in Cologne moved to a new address.
It is now: Buchhandlung GmbH
Körnerstrasse 6-8
50823 Cologne – Ehrenfeld

Thanks for the suggestion Remi,
We have had it suggested previously but i shall add your comments!


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