Video: Richard Avedon’s ‘Observations’

When we started looking at Avedon’s ‘Observations’ we mentioned that we would produce a video for those who could not get hold of a copy themselves. A video to show Avedon’s images, their layout, sequencing and so on. You can see the video embedded below, and as always we look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions.

Richard Avedon – Observations from Photo Book Club on Vimeo.

Note: Due to a family emergency our video producer has been unable to create this video, and so for now a rather dogeared copy that is my own (including absence of p84-5) has been photographed this morning. Our apologies. Matt

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Wow – what a lesson in both photography and book production. I’ll need to look a few more times at the video to have any more profound insights, but having watched it once I can see why second hand copies retail for such extraordinary prices. Very inspiring – thanks for sharing this.

i find it is an excellent idea to have produced such video. i would encourage you to repeat the experience with other books. it’s a sort of lo-fi online version of what jeff ladd does with errata, and it is more than welcome.

It’s a pity for the text..
I hope I will see/read more soon..(I’m also writing a thesis about it:))
But this is a really good job! And it’s interesting that someone wants to share these kind of things!
thank you

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