Some events are held in reader’s homes, others in cafes, bars, community halls or libraries. Some might focus on particular themes each event, others on a particular book. Regardless of the individualities of the club, they are welcoming communities that are as keen to hear the thoughts of someone new to the photobook as they are of the maker or scholar.

A network of global photobook readers, sharing books and reading experiences.

Since 2009 The Photobook Club has sought to bring together readers of the photobook — to recognise, support and connect a community of readers. With more than 50 locations, Photobook Club events can be found across the world, with a global map to help find your nearest.

Far from a closely controlled franchise model, each Photobook Club community is run by passionate photobook readers (and often makers), whose connection with their location, and interest in the medium, are reflected in the unique ways in which they bring together groups of readers.

The philosophy of the events is to facilitate reading and discussion with a. straightforward model:

Bring a book
Share books with other readers
Discuss collective readings

A partial account of The Photobook Club

In 2023 The Photobook Club; A partial account of a distributed project was published to evidence and reflect in the initiative since its inception. The publication is a print-at-home and an edit-at-home work which can be downloaded as a PDF via the link here, or if you wish to work on an InDesign file, just contact me.

For each club’s contact details and thus latest events, click the map of locations below.

If you are interested in hosting your own meetup, pop me an email. You can also see if there are ‘Wanted’ pins in your area via the map above or request one via email.