The Photo Book Club World Map

Thanks to all who have helped on the map thus far, there are a few more places to be updated but it is already over 160 stores strong! Do keep comments, recommendations and updates coming!

We would love to create a comprehensive map of all the best places to buy photobooks and zines around the world and so are asking for your help!
Let us know where the best place to buy photography books and zines are near you. We will add them to the map with your comments and a thanks.

twitter: @photobookclub
hashtag: #photobc

You can see the shops we have already placed by viewing the map below or click the link to open in google.

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For those of you who just love book shops (photo oriented or otherwise) Conor Risch has a map for ‘Bookstores that book people like’

11 Responses to Resources

  1. Ampersand Books.
    2916 NE Alberta St
    Portland, OR. 97211
    an excellent photo book shop!

  2. Bookstore “The Booksmith” 1644 Haight St, San Francisco CA 94117

  3. There is a photo book store in the Centro de la Imagen in México City:
    Plaza de la Ciudadela núm. 2, Centro Histórico, México, D.F. 06400
    We are also organizing an international exhibition of artist books in our festival of photography: Fotoseptiembre

  4. Sahera says:

    Hi guys

    I love photo books and am looking for a particular one for my wedding photos..can anyone please recommend a place to buy from in Sydney Australia? I dont wana buy online as I prefer to check the albums myself and choose between them..
    thanks in advance!!

    • admin says:

      Hi Sahera,
      The book stores listed here are really for published photobooks rather than album style books but maybe someone out there can suggest a physical store!

  5. Chris says:

    Hey there, terrific resource, thanks.
    Here’s some more Melbourne stuff.

    The Asia Pacific Photobook Archive –
    The Archive is situated at 395 Gore St, Fitzroy, Melbourne, 3065
    (you can’t buy books here, but they have an excellent / huge selection of books to browse

    Perimeter Books –
    Distributor of small publisher / self published photo and art books / zines
    Perimeter books also have an outlet at the Centre for Contemporary Photography

    Monash Gallery of Art –
    also have a good selection of photobooks / catalogues at their bookshop

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