Invisible City: A Summary

As I have mentioned often in this process we are truly thankful that Ken has taken the time to illuminate us through a book that the majority of readers had never seen in it’s entirety. And one that only gains from Ken’s insightful and open posts. I would like to think that this book has become more accessible in some form to its new audience, it absolutely deserves to be seen.

Below is a list of all posts and reflections that have been shared this past month, which forms the most comprehensive archive we have created yet.

– Matt


Invisible City: Synopsis
Invisible City: The Book and the Images (VIDEO)
Invisible City: The Text
Invisible City: Lecture notes from 1990
Invisible City: Nightwalk, Fragments and Alternates

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Personal Reflections

Stan Banos
Jeff Brouws
Jn-Ulrick Desert
Ludwig Haskins
Matt Johnston
Steve Pyke
Nina Seigenfeld Velazquez


Steve Pyke on ‘Invisible City’, a personal reflection

Thanks to New York based photographer Steve Pyke for offering his personal reflection on Ken Schles’ ‘Invisible City’

I came across Invisible City in April 1990 in the MoMA bookshop. It made an immediate impression on me. I was enthralled, and bought three copies for friends.

These photographs were of New York City at a time that I knew it, or thought I did. Ken Schles photographed the people and the streets of his neighborhood with such a deep love that he created a poem to those times we knew….if I close my eyes now 25 years on and pull on the memories of those long dark warm nights in the East Side, the images that come to me are Ken Schles’, not my own. This is how powerful Invisible City still is to

– Steve Pyke New York City 2011