Dr Strangepub: Andreas Schmidt

When I introduced the ‘Dr Strangepub’ project a few weeks back which features a series of conversations about the future of photographic publishing, I mentioned I would highlight those conversations over the coming weeks. This time it is the turn of Andreas Schmidt, who has been described as someone who ‘takes the concept of the book and shakes it like a rag doll…until its head comes off.’

Here, Schmidt talks about the rise of print on demand technology and what it has enabled a generation of artists to do as well as the role of the performance in photobook publishing.

Find out more about the ABC Andreas speaks of here.
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DIY: Photographers and Books Catalogue

I wrote just a wee while back about the ‘DIY: Photographers and Books’ exhibition at the Cleveland Museum of Art which looks at the role of print on demand books in 21st century photographic publishing. Not being able to get to Cleveland I have instead been looking through the catalogue available here.

There is an introduction by Barbara Tannenbaum followed by a primer on POD photobooks. While the information here will be nothing new to those in the POD-game, it is a well written and accessible introduction to anyone with an interest in photobooks and self publishing. What is frustrating however is only having a list of books featured in the exhibition at the back. Perhaps it is pure laziness on my part as all books can be viewed online with a quick search, but to see a spread/image/cover of each would have been especially nice for those who could not attend the show.

– Matt

DIY: Photographers and Books at the Cleveland Museum of Art

In discussion yesterday with Andreas Schmidt and then today via email from the institution itself, the Cleveland Museum of Art’s new exhibition ‘DIY: Photographers and Books’ has cropped up and looks like a bobby dazzler.

What makes it look good above being an exhibition on photobooks? In short…

‘This is the first museum exhibition to examine the print-on-demand photobook and explore its impact on contemporary photographic practice.’

‘Barbara Tannenbaum, curator of photography for the Cleveland Museum of Art says that “One of the goals for the exhibition is to bring photography down off the walls and place it in visitors’ hands.”’

And if you want a more reasons to visit, head over to the exhibition website here or have a look at these events which are part of the larger exhibition:

A Revolution for the Photobook, Wednesday, October 10, 6:30 p.m.
A lecture by Barbara Tannenbaum to introduce print-on-demand technology and the DIY: Photographers & Books exhibition. Free.

The Art of the Photobook Saturday, October 20, 2:00 p.m.
Larissa Leclair of the Indie Photobook Library, Arlington, VA, Melissa Catanese and Ed Panar of Spaces Corners, Pittsburgh, PA and Barbara Tannenbaum will discuss print-on-demand photobooks. Books will be available for purchase from Spaces Corners and a special display of books will be on view from the Indie Photobook Library. Free.