DIY: Photographers and Books Catalogue

I wrote just a wee while back about the ‘DIY: Photographers and Books’ exhibition at the Cleveland Museum of Art which looks at the role of print on demand books in 21st century photographic publishing. Not being able to get to Cleveland I have instead been looking through the catalogue available here.

There is an introduction by Barbara Tannenbaum followed by a primer on POD photobooks. While the information here will be nothing new to those in the POD-game, it is a well written and accessible introduction to anyone with an interest in photobooks and self publishing. What is frustrating however is only having a list of books featured in the exhibition at the back. Perhaps it is pure laziness on my part as all books can be viewed online with a quick search, but to see a spread/image/cover of each would have been especially nice for those who could not attend the show.

– Matt

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