Cafe Lehmitz: A Summary

Thanks to all who have contributed to the discussion on Anders Petersen’s ‘Cafe Lehmitz’. It has been a really busy month! We have compiled an archive of the posts below for future reference and will also be listed under the reading list page.

Anders Petersen talks about his SOHO projects – video
Synopsis – Anders Petersen – ‘Cafe Lehmitz’
5b4 looks at the editions of Cafe Lehmitz
Key editions and other books by Anders Petersen
A personal reflection by Wayne Ford
A personal reflection by Matt Johnston
Stan Banos on the technical proficiency in Cafe Lehmitz
Cafe Lehmitz inDepth by Wayne Ford
Aggie Morganti on the warmth, honesty and heart of Cafe Lehmitz
A Personal reflection by Aya Takada

There is no book in August as we explain here, but in September we will be looking at Ken Schles’ ‘Invisible City’

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