The Box of Books Hits the Pub in Victoria, BC

Great to see the box of books in Victoria, BC with Duane Prentice and a group of engaged book lovers…

Photography Lovers,

The Photo Book Club Box of Books visit to Victoria was finally opened last night at the Bent Mass Pub and 4 hours later we emerged, inspired, scheming and excited by what is possible with photography and the book.

Thanks for all who came out to make it such a fun even and I have asked to keep the Box until end of the month so if someone else has a group that wishes to have a look let me know.




The Box of Books Arrives in Victoria

The box of books has arrived safely in Victoria after a long journey from Auckland, NZ. It will spend some time with Duane Prentice at a number of events in and around the island before heading off to the recently formed Photobook Club Montreal.

A big thanks to Duane for the following:

…I thought you might like an image of the Box at the feet of Captain James Cook, the British pirate who sailed these waters back in the 1700’s and then moved on to New Zealand where he met his demise (nice coincidence that the box was shipped here from Auckland).


Photobook Club Victoria, BC

The best journey to a meetup yet?

Just a quick post here to say thanks to all who came out last night for a pop-up meetup held by Luz Gallery in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia and for Quinton and Diana for their hospitality. There was a great turnout of people and books of all shapes and sizes from old and rare monographs to self published and handmade books.

There will be more images soon but for now here are a few of the event that I remembered to take every now and again!

– Matt


The Photobook Club at Luz Gallery, Victoria, Canada

There will be a pop-up Photobook Club talk and meetup in Victoria, BC next Monday 15th October at the fantastic Luz Gallery. The event will take place between 6pm – 8pm and the location of the gallery can be found here.

I’m chuffed to be able to meet up with Diana and Quinton while I am in Vancouver BC talking at the Open Education Conference in part about the Photobook Club, and while it is short notice, hope to see some photobook lovers bringing along some great books!

– Matt