The Photobook Club at the University of Hertfordshire

Next Tuesday I will be visiting the University of Hertfordshire to give a lecture on photobook design and sequencing as well as to run a Photobook Club meetup in the University’s bar.

University of Herts

It should be a great day as it is always fun to work with art students and hear their thoughts on what the book can become, i’ll post some images after the event. If you would like the Photobook Club to visit your University, or perhaps to work together to help increase engagement with library resources just pop me an email.

– Matt

The ‘Box of Books’ in Dublin and a Meetup in Canberra

Just a very brief post. Have been in Ireland over the last few days and very privileged to be invited to talk at the Gallery of Photography, Dublin to a 50 strong book club in attendance. It was also an opportunity to bring over the box of books and to take them to the pub to continue discussions.

More images soon but for now…

The Box of Books hit the pub!

In other news, the Photobook Club Canberra, run by Sean Davey will host a meetup this Saturday at PhotoAcces. See here for all the juicy details, or below:

PhotoAccess will host a second Photobook Club Meet-Up on Saturday 9 February from 10am to 1pm.

The meet-up is free and a light morning tea will be served (by donation).

If you are interested in coming along to the meet-up, please bring along one or two of your favourite photobooks to introduce and share with the group.

Please RSVP to

For more information go to PhotoAccess on Facebook

Workshops with some of the most interesting bookmakers of the 21st Century

Jon Uriarte who runs the Photobook Club Barcelona got in touch recently about a group of workshops held in Barcelona that sound pretty darn sweet. Their are a load of great people taking part including Mishka Henner, Joachim Schmidt and Cristina de Middel. Registration isn’t yet open for all the workshops but head over to to see what is on offer and how you can sign up.

– Cristina’s workshop is currently open for registration and I imagine will go fairly quickly. 


End of the Year Meetup with the Photobook Club New York

Below is the invitation for the Photobook Club New York’s end-of-year meetup; a time to reflect on the photobooks of 2012 and enjoy a drink with other photobook lovers.

All details and to RSVP visit the event page on Facebook

From the PBC-NY:

End of the year photobook meet-up in New York! It is a perfect time to look at the photobooks published in 2012. Join us on Saturday evening to enjoy photobooks, celebrate “winter” and have a glass wine. Please bring a book published in 2012.

Saturday, 15 December 2012
6 p.m.
Ten10 Studios

Please R.S.V.P.

This event is possible thanks to the support of Ten10 Studios, art space and photography studio in Long Island City.

Meetup Roundup – 22nd October

Have just returned from a great week away in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia. I was speaking at the Open Education Conference held by UBC about the Photobook Club, it’s origins and it’s meetups.

While I was there I ran a meetup over at Luz Gallery in Victoria and there were several meetups elsewhere also. Below is a quick roundup of these meetups and details on upcoming events.

– Matt

Photobook Club Barreiro 13.10.12


The Photobook Club Barreiro held their inaugural meetup on the 13th October. The group looked at Sharon Lockhart’s Pine Flat which is not a book I am familiar with and so very glad they also put together this video of the book. You can see more images from this session on the Photobook Club Barreiro’s Facebook Page.

The next session will take place on November 10th and will be featured in the books:
– The Complete Untitled Film Stills Cindy Sherman
– My Frontiers of João Miguel Baptista (guest artist)

(NOTE: The sessions are always the second Saturday of every month)

Photobook Club Victoria 15.10.12


As I mentioned the other day, I had perhaps the most picturesque journey to a meetup yet, leaving Tsawassen bay and heading out to Vancouver Island and down to Victoria. The meetup was still the highlight of the night with a great turnout and some great and varied books brought along. Thanks to Quinton and Diana for their hospitality at the fantastic Luz Gallery.

Photobook Pop-up exhibition/Photobook Club Southern California 18.10/12

Douglas Stockdale of the excellent ‘The Photobook‘ blog recently held a pop-up photobook exhibition and meetup at the Irvine Fine Art Center in the city of Irvine, California. Doug is a real photobook ambassador and deserves lots of props for this great event. He is also assesing the possibility of a regular Photobook Club in S California so if you are in the area, let Doug know you are interested.

Nice to see the Photobook Club badge being worn proudly too 🙂

Photobook Club Porto 20.10.12


The second meetup from the Photobook Club Porto took place this last week with a presentation from photographer Alfredo Cunha. Dates fro the 3rd session to be announced shortly…

Photobook Club Madrid 24.10/12


Blazing away in Spain, the folks at PBC Madrid will host their 9th meetup this month on the 24th October! For all the details and more photobook goodness, head over to their Facebook page.

Photobook Club Coimbra – LAUNCH! 10.11.12

The Photobook Club Coimbra will hold their first ever meetup on the 10th November at 9:30 pm, Casa das Caldeiras. The session will be run by photographer Mario Pires and will look at Robert Frank’s “The Americans”.

All interested in participating for free should send an email to the address

You can also find the Photobook Club Coimbra online over on their Facebook page… for reports and details of future events.


The Photobook Club Barreiro is Born!

Portugal has joined Spain in being able to boast about hosting 2 Photobook Club branches as the Photobook Club Barreiro is born! The branch has been carefully organized by a team led by Cláudia Ramos and will have their inaugural meetup on 13th October 2012, you can find all you need to on this new branch below as well as under the ‘Meetup’ tab.

Where and when does this club meet?
The club meets at the Galeria Municipal de Arte do Barreiro, currently the first event has been planned and is listed below in the ‘I’d like to Join In’ section…

Who organises the events?
The PhotoBook Club Barreiro is run by Cláudia Ramos, who, alongside her work as author has been coordinating projects in the area of ​​arts education since 2009. Ramos is currently responsible for the project arte.educação embracing formations for children, youth and adults and working with multiple platforms. Among her formations developed in the city of Barreiro and supported by the City Hall stands out “O Fotográfico” (Editions I and II) held in reserves Museological City Hall.

Other members, all of them with formation in photography by APAF – Associação Portuguesa de Arte Fotográfica: Esmeralda Barão, Ligia Felix Da Costa, Pedro Matias

I’d like to join in, when is the next meeting and what do I do?
Details of the first three planned sessions can be found below, if you would like to attend, please contact to reserve a space.
You can also find the Photobook Club Barreiro on Facebook here.

Photobook Club Barreiro

1st Session – 13 October 2012

2nd Session – November 10, 2012
*Agenda to be confirmed

3rd Session  – December 8, 2012
*Agenda to be confirmed



The Photobook Club News and Updates

A quick update looking at recent events and then looking forward to what’s next on the Photobook Club…

‘The Geneology of the Photobook’
– I wrote a short piece recently for the Shpilman Institute blog on recent adventures into iBook land and some broader thoughts on the possibilities of the photobook regarding accessibility and experience. Head here to read it…

‘The Cat and Fiddle’
– Spent time away from the keyboard documenting the beautiful and deadly Cat and Fiddle road in the Peak District, i’ll be spending more time there later in the year with a view to a publication 2012/13. Found this tree by the side of the road approaching Macclesfield..

Photobook Club Branch Pages
– To keep up with the growing amount of Photobook Clubs around the world, I have started to make branch pages with the help of the respective organizers. These pages can be found under the ‘Meetup’ tab, so far we have…

– Photobook Club Barcelona
– Photobook Club Madrid
– Photobook Club Lisbon
– Photobook Club New York
and soon…
– Photobook Club Australia
– Photobook Club Porto

Photobook Club Madrid on ‘Text and Images’
– Just last week saw the 5th meetup in Madrid focusing on the role of text and image. Juan Cires has offered an extended commentary which can be found here although in Spanish only…

Photobook Club New York ‘Focus on Japan’
– Saturday 14th July will see a great event in New York put on by the Book Club there looking at Japanese photobooks, For more information from the organizers head here or click the image below…

Ken Schles’ ‘Invisible City’ coming to a screen near you
Since the release of the Photobook Club iBook looking at Ken Schles’ ‘Invisible City’ I have been working to make it available on more platforms in the form of an ePub and interactive PDF. Getting close now but finishing touches making sure it is built for other devices rather than directly ported.

Mark Power’s ’26 Different Endings’
– We will next be looking at the above book although with the ‘Cat and Fiddle’, ePub and more away-from-keyboard time in August we might take a this one at a more leisurely pace!

That’s all for now folks


Paul Graham’s ‘A1: The Great North Road’ and Memory Pairings

A wee while ago when looking at Stephen Shore’s ‘Uncommon Places’ I posted a few image pairings I couldn’t help making as I looked through the book. I enjoyed it and so decided to do it again, as before the pairings seem to be made primarily based on work I have seen or revisited recently…

Paul Graham and Joel Sternfeld

Paul Graham
‘Burning Fields, Melmerby, North Yorkshire, September 1981′

Joel Sternfeld
McLean, Virginia December 4, 1978′


Paul Graham and Paul Graham

Paul Graham
‘Petrol Station, Blyth Services, Nottinghamshire, March 1981′

Paul Graham
‘from the series ‘Troubled Land‘ 1984-86


Paul Graham and Joel Sternfeld and Daniel Shea

Paul Graham
‘Hedge in wind, Bedfordshire, June 1982′

Joel Sternfeld
‘The East Meadows, Northampton, Massachusetts 2006′

Daniel Shea
‘Smoke Stacks, 2009′ from the series ‘Coal Work

Paul Graham and Donald Webber

Paul Graham
‘Ashtray on Table, Morley’s Cafe, Markham Moor, Nottinghamshire, February 1981′

Donald Webber
From the series ‘Interrogations


Paul Graham and Hanna Starkey

Paul Graham
‘Cafe Waitress, John’s Cafe, Sandy, Bedfordshire, May 1982′

Hannah Starkey
‘Untitled, October 1988′


Hope you enjoy my little experiment, if you have your own, put them in the comments section below…

– Matt
And if you haven’t seen the book yet…