Bangalore Weekend of Photobooks and Box of Books draws plenty of attention…

The Bangalore ‘Weekend of Photobooks‘ run by photographer Mahesh Shantaram and book designer Vidya Rao, which featured the Photobook Club’s ‘Box of Books‘, has been a huge success.

Not only did the event attract a great number of people to the event, and to discussions of the works on show, but it also received a fair few column inches in the Bangalore Mirror, Indian Express and DNA India. A huge congratulations to Mahesh, Vidya, and all who made the event possible!

the Indian Express

Photobook Club Bangalore; Open House #8

I mentioned just the other day that the Photobook Club Banagalore had joined the fold and that they operated a little differently. In fact they have been for a while and it is great to see different ways of these meetups and events working around books and collections. Mahesh and Vidya had their eighth open house vent this last weekend:

Hi Matt,

We had our Open House #8 on Sunday, 3rd Feb
Here are the couple of photos from the last open house we had. This is our living room. It’s a joy to see that so many of them discover photo books for the first time. We can already see that a few of them are going to become regular visitors.

– Vidya