Bangalore Weekend of Photobooks and Box of Books draws plenty of attention…

The Bangalore ‘Weekend of Photobooks‘ run by photographer Mahesh Shantaram and book designer Vidya Rao, which featured the Photobook Club’s ‘Box of Books‘, has been a huge success.

Not only did the event attract a great number of people to the event, and to discussions of the works on show, but it also received a fair few column inches in the Bangalore Mirror, Indian Express and DNA India. A huge congratulations to Mahesh, Vidya, and all who made the event possible!

the Indian Express

Public Libraries with Photobooks – can you help?

Bonifacio Barrio Hijosa of ‘Gloves for Dummies‘ got in touch earlier this week to share a map he is putting together to highlight public libraries in which you can get access to both books on photography and a selection of photobooks.

You can see the map below, if you have libraries to add to the map, get in touch with Boni via the ‘Gloves for Dummies’ Facebook page here.

– Matt

View Public Libraries with Photobooks in a larger map


One half of the photo Book Club at London Design Festival

As already announced last month, I will be speaking at the London Design Festival’s ‘Story of Books’ event this September in London. The event has some great speakers lined up and will promote discussion around the future and changing form of the book.

I will be looking closely at the photography book in particular and ways in which I see it developing, as well as the huge support we have had for the Photo Book Club, and for the physical books and stores that we all love.

I would be keen to hear Photo Book Club readers thoughts on the state/future of books and so you can get involved with discussion via the twitter hashtag #storyofbooks or in the comments section below.

If you would like to attend, you can get your tickets from this website. The talk takes place on September 17th at the Department of Anthropology, University College London from 10.30am – 3.00pm.

– Matt



Term is coming to a close at Coventry University but the #fromthelibrary sessions run by the Photo Book Club have been a success with the first year students. We have discussed a whole host of books and many that I had never encountered before were brought along from the library shelves, which was great to see.

I am looking forward to runnig more of these session in conjunction with the Photo Book Club, if anyone is interested – send me an email


#fromthelibrary – At Coventry University

The Photo Book Club’s Matt Johnston is currently residing in the Midlands, England, and so making use of the excellent photography section in the Coventry University library. Starting shortly, Matt will be posting some of the books found on the shelves of the library along with a brief synopsis under the headline and hashtag #fromthelibrary. As well as this online post, Matt will be meeting with students and holding informal discussions on these books, and the various books that students will bring to the sessions.

As with everything on the Photo Book Club we would love to get your thoughts and discussion on the books. You can use the hashtag #photobc on Twitter, or use the comments section below this post.

And if you want to see one of the #fromthelibrary books given a thorough look by the Photo Book Club and community, let us know!