Narrative Structures, a Photobook Club Event in Birmingham, UK (Next Tuesday)

In connection with the new Library of Birmingham, curator and photobook enthusiast Claire Reece has installed an exhibition of book works exploring narrative structures. The exhibition includes works by Broomberg and Chanarin, Stephen Gill, Melinda Gibson, Mishka Henner and many more – those in the area can still check it out until the 11th September.

As part of the exhibition Claire has organized a Photobook Club meetup in order to further delve into the books chosen and explore some of the themes they raise and connections between them. It is a great way to better understand the choices made in curation and a really valuable learning experience for those interested in taking part.

If you do want to pop along, the event will take place Tuesday the 10th of September 6 – 7:30pm and If you could kindly email Claire on to confirm attendance (or get more information) that would be greatly appreciated.

A few of the books to be explored:

Mishka Henner Рless Am̩ricains

Mishka Henner

Melinda Gibson – The Photograph as Contemporary Art

Melinda Gibson

‘nobody in particular’ – The Stars

‘nobody in particular’

Tereza Zelenkova – Index of Time

Tereza Zelenkova