The Photobook Club Murcia – Report and Next Session

The Photobook Club Murcia held their inaugural meetup just prior to Christmas, the following is a brief report and selection of images from organizer Gustavo Alemán. The next meetup will take place this coming Tuesday, the 22nd January.

Follow the Murcia branch and find out about all their events on the Facebook page here.

Last December the first session of the Photobook Club Murcia was held in the library of CENDEAC. Between books, 14 people around a table had a great time debating photobooks.

We are really happy with the success of our first session, and we hope the next ones will be at least as succesful.

The books we discussed were:

– “Dive Dark Dream Slow”  Melisa Catanese (ed)
– “Cantos del Desierto”  Richard Misrach
– “Deja Vu” Ralph Gibson
– “Infinito” David Jiménez
– “Album” Roberto Koch
– “El paraíso de los creyentes” Alberto García-Alix
– “Nubes de un cielo que no cambia” Ricky Dávila
– “The Family of Man” Edward Steichen (ed)
– “Bright bright day” Andrey Tarkovsky
– “Forget me not” Bernard Plossu
– “Deriva” Paco Sánchez
– “Gigante Roja nº 0” Ramón Romero (ed)
– “Estos y otros lugares” David Jiménez

The next session will be NEXT TUESDAY 22d JANUARY in CENDEAC at 19h. We hope to see you there!

– Gustavo Alemán


Murcia Joins the Photobook Club Family

Sweet news from Spain today courtesy of the newly formed Photobook Club Murcia who will hold their inaugural meetup on the 18th December. If you would like to attend the you can find out more on their Facebook page here (Spanish).

Inspired by your example and the Spanish Photobook Clubs, we have decided to create a new one. We are located in Murcia, a city in the southeast of Spain. We are a medium sized city, but there is a great deal of interest in photographic matters. This is encouraged by the Cienojos asociation, a group that promoves talks, exhibitions and other activities about contemporary photography.

We are Gustavo Alemán, former gallerist and member of the Omnivore Photo collective and Pepe Incha, one of the members of Cienojos. We want to creat a forum of discussion about photobooks in our city. In order to do so, we have contacted CENDEAC, a public space devoted to contempory art studies. They will provide us with a place for our first meetings. The first is scheduled 18th December.

– Gustavo Alemán