The box of books moves on…

The Photobook Club’s ‘Box of Books’ has already traveled over 4,000 miles and been viewed at 7 events, this week it will be making a slight detour to include the Photobook Club Toledo after visiting Madrid and before it heads on to Barcelona and then Helsinki.

The box arrives in Madrid

A big thanks to all who have helped in making a logistical nightmare work in the real world! Oh, and how awesome is this… Joan Fontcuberta repping the Photobook Club badge! (© Markus Furgber)

Photobook Club Helsinki

The Photobook Club Helsinki held their inaugural meetup on the 29th October organised by Johannes Romppanen. You can see images from the event as well as read a brief comment from Johannes below;


We were a good sized group attending, I was positively surprised 🙂 Ida Pimenoff, who also brought her own book, had Alec Soth’s Broken Manual with her. It was nice to see, none of us had seen it live before. And Ida was really surprised when we told her the current market value of the book! 😉

We decided to meet the next time 28.11., place is yet to be confirmed and also plan to meet approx every 6th week or so in colaboration with PhotoDo.

Johannes Romppanen



Photobook Club Helsinki – 29th October

There will be a Photobook Club Meetup in Helsinki on the 29th October organised by photographer Johannes Romppanen. This will be the first meetup in Helsinki and with a good turnout and enthusiasm for the idea there may well be a regular branch established.

More details will be available shortly but for all details available now and in the future, head to the event page on Facebook found here.