Rock Your Dummy – Open Call

Following on from the huge success of last year’s ‘Le Photobook Fest’ and the inaugural ‘Rock Your Dummy’ contest, the competition is running again this year so get the low down below from the organisers of lephotobookfest.

Rock Your Dummy!  is  an open call for dummies to support and showcase the work of photobook makers from all over the world.

The Rock Your Dummy! award aims to help a photographer to realise and publish its photobook dummy. Maria Books, the latest publishing project of Le PhotobookFest, will work hand to hand with the photographer to launch the book with a special event in Arles 2015.

The exhibition will be presented during all the festival and hosted at L’Ancienne Imprimerie/Picture Tank, 19 rue Bisson 75020 Paris.

“The dummy is a work in progress but also a significant waymark on the route to publication in one form or another. It seemed appropriate that while we look to celebrate the beauty of the dummy as an artefact in it’s own right, we should also acknowledge it as a work yet to be fully realised and so seek to support it’s author in that realisation.” 
Matt Johnson, 
Founder of The Photobook Club

•    Rock Your Dummy Award :
 All selected photobook dummies in the exhibition will run for the “Rock Your Dummy Award”. One winner will be selected by the main jury (to be announced soon) at Le PhotobookFest awards presentation on Sunday 16 november. The winner of the “Rock Your Dummy Award” gets the opportunity to publish a book with Maria Books (more details soon).

•    Box of Dummies Award :
 As a result of the public vote,  a dummy will be selected to be included in the “Box of Dummies“, a traveling showcase through the branches of the Photobook Club network all over the world -
More infos about the Box Of Books project

“Winning Rock your dummy! contest in 2013 was a great and exciting experience. My book Did we ever meet? got a lot of exposure and has been since exhibited in Europe and Russia. I got a chance to talk about the dummy with experts from the book business. I’ve reedited it to be able to self-publish it independently and do the whole process from printing to binding at home. Thank you so much guys, and good luck to all the contestants this year!!”
Lena Kholkina, Winner of the Rock Your Dummy Award

“I took part in the first edition of Le Photobookfest with my dummy “Dispersal”, I got an honorable mention, and I must confess it took me by surprise. I regret I wasn’t even there when they announced it, cause the atmosphere was at the same time cool, relaxed, and perfect to share books and ideas. A little gem in Paris Photo frenzy. Suddenly, my “book” (which looks more like a box) got noticed, it drew attention, and I could hear feedbacks and comments. I am sure it is also because of Le Photobookfest that it is now almost sold out, and I wish to be part again of this cool new baby among festivals!”
Arianna Sanesi, Honorable Mention,


Conditions :
We are particularly keen to receive, showcase and support mock-up and hand-crafted dummies !

– Your dummy must be the maquette of an unpublished book.
– No electronic version accepted.
– Open to all ! No age or nationality limits.
– The shipping fees (go and return) are at your cost.
– Send your complete name & address, email + name of the book + year of making
– You agree that your dummy will be manipulated by hundreds of people and might be a bit damaged (the price to pay for success 🙂 ).

Deadline for submission is October 30th 2014

Send your dummy to :
Emilie Hallard / Picturetank
19 rue Bisson
75020 Paris – France

Please email us for more info at

Our Web :

Find us on Facebook :


Parr/Badger Book Winner – Lloyd Spencer

Congratulations to Lloyd Spencer who was the lucky winner of the signed Martin Parr and Gerry badger tome ‘The Photobook: A History Vol III‘. Lloyd is a photographer based in leeds, UK and for those with a curious mind, he selected André Kertész’ ‘Hungarian Memories’ as a book never to be sold.

Approximately 300 people entered the prize draw with a random integer created to determine the winner. Huge thanks to Phaidon for providing the signed book which is available to purchase here.

The book will be posted following an event with Martin Parr, Gerry Badger and David Campany at Foyles bookshop, Charring Cross on April 9th. 


Free and Signed – The Photobook: A History Vol III

If you want to skip my waffle and head straight to the competition, scroll to below the book cover!

The list has troubled me, and many others for some time. My initial reaction to the first two Parr/Badger books were to shun them; they made access to many influential photobooks incredibly difficult. I have had the same knee-jerk response to the end of year lists we are all familiar with yet I still chose to produce a version myself. Some of my pain from those early books has subsided with a good number of works being reprinted and available for very reasonable prices yet there still remains an uneasiness with the effect these lists can have on the market. This is inevitable and is the same in many industries – restaurants have the Michelin guide, literature has the Pulitzer and cinema has the Oscars (the latter two examples dealing mostly however with reproducible content online the finite resources of a restaurant or editioned photobook), all we must do is take it with a pinch of salt.

The Oscars might encourage us to view a film but rarely will we be persuaded only by an award with no initial desire to engage with the work. Likewise with the new Parr/Badger book those of us who fall outside the die-hard monetary collector or prospector spectrum can see it as a personal reference, an individualistic guide and ultimately a perspective. There is no doubt however that this is an important book for the photobook community at large – for some it will be confirmation of choices, for artists it might be recognition of work produced and for many others it will act as a well produced and coherent guide through some fantastic photobooks produced right up until 2013.

I am grateful to the kind folks at Phaidon who are offering a new and signed copy of The Photobok: A History Vol III to a competition winner! The book will be posted following an event with Martin Parr, Gerry Badger and David Campany at Foyles bookshop, Charring Cross on April 9th. 

Just fill out the form below and a random name will be selected on 28th March (Deadline for responses 12 noon GMT on 28th) – this individual will be contacted for a postal address and then the book will head on to you!


Scopio Photobook Contest + Riga Workshop

The folks at Scopio have initiated a photobook contest with a theme that both sets a guide and gives freedom for exploration and perhaps destruction. You can find all the relevant details by clicking on the image below.

In other news there is a great workshop in Riga as part of Riga Photomonth – it is an artist’s book workshop and is run over 5 days, led by photobook designer Nico Baumgarten. A similar workshop was run last year, you can check out some of the results here. You can find all the details by hiting the image or see the direct message from the ISSP below it…

SSP and Riga Photomonth 2014 invite applications to ARTIST’S BOOK WORKSHOP with photographer and bookmaker Nico Baumgarten (DE)! The workshop will take place on 3-7 May 2014 as part of Riga Photomonth programme.

This time, we invite photographers as well as illustrators, graphic artists and other creatives with projects ready for presentation in form of a book to apply!
The dummies produced during the workshop shall be featured as part of SELF PUBLISH RIGA exhibition in May 2013.

Nico has lead a bookmaking workshop in Riga last spring and proved to be an amazing teacher. The results can be seen here:

The workshop will host 12 participants, selected based on applications.  Application deadline: 1 April.

The workshop is supported by Riga 2014, State Culture Capital foundation, Goethe Institut in Riga, AS Antalis and Hewlett-Packard. Information support: FK Magazine, FOLD, kim? Contemporary Arts Centre, Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art.

More information and applications:

NB! We’d like to remind that your existing dummies and self-published trial editions (up to 50 copies) can be submitted to SELF PUBLISH RIGA contest and exhibition till 20 April! Info –

Should you have any questions, please write to or

Yours with spring greetings,



Self Publish Riga Launches!

I am chuffed to be a part of this awesome celebration of printed photobookworks that will take place in Riga, latvia this May. ‘Self Publish Riga’ is part of Riga Photomonth 2014 and will be a really vibrant event running from 3rd – 11th May. Alongside a lineup of speakers and workshops there is an opportunity to submit a dummy to their competition in which first prize will be a free ISSP workshop! All the details for now can be found below so check it out and head over to the website for more info. 

Note: coming soon on the PBC will be a wee conversation about the dummy and it’s new found fame/recognition.

Dear friends and photobook lovers!

ISSP in cooperation with Riga Photo Month 2014 invite submissions for the SELF PUBLISH RIGA international book dummy and self-published photobook contest.

The contest welcomes all projects realized within the medium of photography and presented in the form of a self-published book or book dummy. 
Submission deadline: 20 April (delivery date!). Submissions are free of charge. 


More information:  



The Jury: All entries to the contest will be judged by an international jury:

Markus Schaden (founder, Schaden publishing house, DE)
Teun van der Heijden (photobook designer, NL)
Ania Nalecka (photo book designer, PL)
Matt Johnston (founder of the Photobook Club, UK)
Juris Petraškēvics (professor, Art Academy of Latvia)
Nico Baumgarten (photographer and bookmaker, DE).

Awards and Exposure: The shortlisted books will take part in the SELF PUBLISH RIGA exhibition in May 2014. The winner of the contest will attend an ISSP 2014 workshop of their choice free of charge. The three best entries will receive individual porfolio reviews with the Jury members. Top ten books will receive a special feature promoted by the event partners.

We invite all book lovers and printed edition enthusiasts to take part! 

Please forward the information about this opportunity to your friends and colleagues! 

NB! For international partners with existing photobook collections! Apart from the dummy contest selection, the SELF PUBLISH RIGA exhibition, taking place as part of Riga Photo Month opening week on 9-11 May 2014, will also feature several existing collections from international partners- including Swedish Photo Book Prize winners, Polish Photographic Publication of the Year 2013, the UK Photobook Club collection, and a selection of publications made in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. 
We welcome other quality collections in Riga as part of the event – if you have a collection to feature, please contact us at

SELF PUBLISH RIGA is organised within Riga Photo Month 2014 and the Riga 2014 EU Culture Capital programme. Thanks to our partners and supporters: The Photobook Club (UK), Archivo (PT), Association of Swedish Professional Photographers, Lugemik (EE), FK Magazine, FOLD, KIM?, Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, Goethe Institut Riga, British Council Latvia, Polish Embassy in Riga, State Culture Capital Foundation.

With best greetings,



Rock Your Dummy! Call for submissions

” Rock Your Dummy! ”  

Exhibition 15-17 November 2013

Deadline Thursday 5 November 2O13

The Photobook Club network and Food For Your Eyes invite you to submit your photobook dummy to feature in ” Rock Your Dummy! “, an exhibition presented within Le PhotobookFest programme hosted at L’Ancienne Imprimerie/Picture Tank, 11 rue Bisson 75020 Paris.

Le PhotobookFest is a three days event focused on the photobook, from Friday 15 to Sunday 17 November 2013Launched by the Paris Photobook Club, this first edition mainly supports the young publishing scene with independent publishing houses as well as self-published and DIY books.

More Infos about Le PhotobookFest :  / The Photobook Club Network:


We are particularly keen to receive, showcase and support mock-up, hand-crafted, self-published, limited edition photobook, DIY, photozine, from all over the world !

Deadline for submissions is Tuesday 5 November 2013


Fill in the  Submission Form  here  and send us your dummy for the exhibition.

The dummy is a work in progress but also a significant waymark on the route to publication in one form or another. It seemed appropriate that while we look to celebrate the beauty of the dummy as an artefact in it’s own right, we should also acknowledge it as a work yet to be fully realised and so seek to support it’s author in that realisation.” Matt Johnson, Founder ,The Photobook Club 



Le PhotobookFest with “Rock Your Dummy!” Open Call and Exhibition aims to support authors with a photobook project in the making in offering them feedback and advice from an assembled team of photobook enthusiasts and experts  ( photographers, publishers, writers, critics, designers) * – The list of our  team of experts is bellow  



  • “Rock Your Dummy Prize” :

    All selected photobook dummies in the exhibition will run for the “Rock Your Dummy Prize”. One winner will be selected by the main jury (to be announced soon) at Le PhotobookFest awards presentation on Sunday 17 november. The winner of the “Rock Your Dummy Prize” gets the opportunity to be accompanied and received support from the team of photobook experts. The one-to-one meetings with each photobook expert would be arranged through Skype or in person.

  • Box of Dummies :

    As a result of the public vote and the jury vote,  Photobook dummies (maximum 10) will be selected to be included in the “Box of Dummies”, a traveling showcase through the branches of the Photobook Club network all over the world –

    More info about the Box Of Books project 


Nathalie Belayche:  

 Emilie Hallard/Pablo Porlan:


*Advisory board members of “Rock Your Dummy Prize” :

Elinor Carucci     Carucci is a photographer living and working in New York. Her intimate work focusing on her family and relationships has been the subject of numerous group and solo exhibitions as well as three photobooks. Her latest book ‘Mother’ has just been published by Prestel and is likely to become as well­known and loved as the precious ‘Diary of a Dance’ and ‘Closer’.

Wayne Ford    A designer and creative director, Ford comments that he has both a professional and personal interest in photography. His interest in photography and photobooks is perhaps best known by his writing found at Ford played a vital role in the editing and sequencing of Bertil Nilsson’s critically acclaimed ‘Undisclosed: Images of the Contemporary Circus’.

Hans Gremmen    A highly sought­after designer, Gremmen’s work with the photobook can likely be found in your nearest Photobook store, if not on your own bookshelf. Recent works include 2 shortlisted Aperture first book awards (Singular Beauty and Cette Montagne C’est Moi) and Rinko Kawauchi’s latest publication ­ Ametsuchi.

Taco Hidde Bakker    Bakker works as a writer, translator and researcher based in Amsterdam, NL. His written work can be found in the likes of Foam magazine and Camera Austria International among others. Between 2007­10 Bakker worked extensively on the photobook, web documentary and exhibition that was ‘The Last Days of Shishmaref’.

Larissa Leclair    A curator, collector and writer,  Leclair is responsible for the hugely successful ‘Indie Photobook library’ which seeks to champion the spirit of the 21st century indie publishing scene. As a writer, Leclair has written numerous reviews for the Photo­eye booklist and as a curator a co­authored event with Andy Adams of Flakphoto saw the exhibition ‘100 Portraits’ projected onto the side of the Corcoran Gallery of Art as part of FotoWeek DC.

Lesley A. Martin    Martin is publisher of the Aperture book program and of The PhotoBook Review, a newsprint journal dedicated to the evolving conversation surrounding the photobook. Martin has edited over 70 books including Joan Fontcuberta’s ‘Landscapes Without Memory’ and has been voted one of the fifteen most influential people in photobook publishing by the Photo District News.

Iris Sikking    Sikking is a curator, editor and project manager currently working at Paradox and the self founded ICON Foundation (Images in Context). In 2011 she curated and produced the thematic project ANGRY: Young and Radical and in 2012 the book and audiovisual installation Poppy­Trails of Afghan Heroin by Robert Knoth and Antoinette de Jong.

Douglas Stockdale     Stockdale will be familiar to many as the founding publisher and editor of ‘The PhotoBook’, a highly regarded space for photobook reviews and critique. Stockdale also acts as an independent curator and has published 4 books of his own. Stockdale has just released his latest work, ‘Pine Lake’ ­ a hand­made artist book ‘sequenced as a semi­fictional story about an American multi­generational summer rite, the fishing trip’.


International Photobook Dummy Award 2013

The photobook dummy has been gaining popularity for a wee while now which is great to see. The dummy in it’s own right is an interesting object or piece of ephemera, a stage in production yet a stage in itself but I have also enjoyed the openness with which people are sharing dummy’s and letting others in to the process of bookmaking. And so I am keen to share the Fotobook Festival’s Dummy Award here…

– Matt

The Dummy Award

International Photobook Dummy Award 2013
MIA Fair – Milano
PhotoIreland – Dublin
Le Bal – Paris
6th International Photobookfestival – Kassel

Photographers are again invited to present their so far unpublished photobooks to a professional international jury. The best 50 books will be exhibited in Milan: »MIA – Milan Image Art Fair«, in Dublin »Photo Ireland«, in Paris: »Le Bal« and in Kassel: »6th International Photobook Festival«. Winners will be chosen from these 50 titles and will receive attractive prizes. The first prize is a complete book production by the german publishers seltmann + söhne. Online registrations will open from mid January at and close 31 April 2013. The registration fee is 34 Euros.