The Photobook Club Toledo is Born!

Photobook Club Toledo

So much for the radio silence but after seeing this I couldn’t resist an early Christmas present post. A new branch of the Photobook Club is born in the awesome city of Toledo in Spain! Thanks to Oscar Ciutat for all the info.

– Matt

The Photobook Club Toledo will have their inaugural meetup on 27th
 December, 2012. You can find all the information about this new branch 

Who organises the events?

The PhotoBook Club Toledo is run by Francisco Navamuel
, you can get in contact with him at

I’d like to join in, when is the next meeting and what do I do?
This is a free event, but due to the limited number of seats, registration is advisable. Please, send an email to

The next meeting will be at the NIVEL 426 Comic Book Store in Toledo, Calle Alfileritos, 15 – Bajo (in the historic center of the city) at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, 27th December,

Where can I follow events and get involved?

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