B*@t of 2011

I shan’t enter into the ‘Best of 2011’ photobook lists* as many people are doing a great job on that already (See Joerg Colberg’s list, Alec Soth’s list, Tom Claxton’s list and Marc Feustel’s list).

But, I did want to point out the #phonar book list, which I have worked on compiling both this year and last, together with Jonathan Worth. Books are selected based on being “notable/ inspiring/ seminal/ provocative, in it’s narrative structure/approach or perhaps in their ‘discussion’ of narrative”.

*I can’t resist highlighting a few of my favorite books bought or discovered/rediscoverd this year:

Watabe Yukichi
‘A Criminal Investigation’

Larry Towell
‘The World From my Front Porch’

Ken Schles

Carrie Levy
’51 Months’

Eric Payson

Alan Berger
‘Drosscape: Wasting Land in Urban America’

Peter Miller
‘Vermont People’

– Matt

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