Photo Book Club Zurich and a Homage to the Book

Martin Leggett got in touch the other day, interested in setting up a meet-up in Zurich Switzerland some time in the New Year. Those who are interested in attending, or helping Martin out with the evening can get in touch with him here, or leave a message in the comments section below.

And a little homage to the book I came across today from Richard Kostelanetz:

“The attractions of the book as a communications medium are that individual objects can be relatively cheaply made and distribute, that it is customarily portable and easily stored, that its contents are conveniently accessible, that it can be experienced by oneself at one’s own speed without a playback machine (unlike theatre, video, audio or movies), and that it is more spatially economical (measured by extrinsic experience over intrinsic volume) than other non electronic media. A book allows it’s reader random access, in contrast to audiotape and videotape, whose programmed sequences permit only linear access; with a book you can go from one page to another, both forwards and backwards, as quickly as you can go from one page to the next.”

– Richard Kostelanetz

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