Cafe Lehmitz – Key Editions and other publications by Anders Petersen

As we have pointed out before, and 5b4 books has commented on, there have been a variety of different editions that form a history of ‘Cafe Lehmitz’ from initial publication in 1979, to it’s latest incarnation from Schirmer/Mosel in 2009. It’s 32 year history marked by a total of 10 editions all listed below.

Key editions of Cafe Lehmitz:

Café Lehmitz; Prestel, 2009
Café Lehmitz; Schirmer/Mosel, 2009
Café Lehmitz; Rat Hole, 2007
Café Lehmitz; Schirmer/Mosel, 2004
Café Lehmitz; Fischer, 2003
Café Lehmitz; Schirmer/Mosel, 1985
Café Lehmitz; Fischer Taschenbuch, 1985
Café Lehmitz; Schirmer/Mosel, 1985 (French edition)
Café Lehmitz; ETC Förlags AB, 1982
Le bistrot dʼHamburg; Contrejour, 1979

As well as Cafe Lehmitz, Petersen has published numerous other successful books, listed below with, wherever possible current links to Amazon or other sources of information have been provided

Gröna Lund; Aman Iman, 2009
Dear Diary; Gun Gallery, 2009
Sète #8; Images En Manoeuvres, 2008
French Kiss; Dewi Lewis, 2008
Roma: A Diary; Zone Attive Edizioni, 2005
Ich Dich Iieben, Du mich auch?; Fotomuseum Winterhur, 2003
Du mich auch; Journal, 2002
Nära avstå/Close Distance, Journal Fölag, 2002
Indicier; Journal Fölag, 1996
Fotografier/Photographs 1966-1996; Journal Fölag, 1997
Ingen har sett alit; Legus Fölag, 1995
Karnevalen i Venedig; ETC Fölag, 1991
Rågång till Kärleken; Norstedts Fölag, 1991
I Mörkrummet; Fyra Förläggare, 1984
Brottsoffer; Pockettidningen R, 1977
En Dag På Cirkus; Bo Cavefors Bokförlang, 1976

Gröna Lund; Fyra Förläggare, 1973

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