Photobook Club Branch Updates…

I have been away for a week and as well as a post coming up about a few new book arrivals I thought I would share some updates about various book club branches…

The Photobook Club Gothenburg

Tommy Arvidson has set up the Photobook Club Gothenburg who held their first meetup this last week. see below or a brief report from Tommy:

“Just like to report that we had a nice evening with the Photobook club Gothenburg yesterday. We where a small group of ten and one dog! Discussing the books that everyone had brought ( the dog seemed more interested in one of the participants bag that containd a half-eaten hamburger) It seemed as though everybody had a good time and we are planning to have at least on more meeting this spring….

Also some images from Stefan Karlsson:

Photobook Club Gothenburg

The Photobook Club London

This Thursday 4th April at 6.00pm at the Photographers Gallery Cafe in London I will meet with those interested in helping set up the Photobook Club London. It is not a real meetup as such but an opportunity to meet face to face and discuss ideas for this branch. If you want to head down then please do!

The Photobook Club Sydney

Looks like things are moving along swiftly with he Photobook Club Sydney and should have more news along with dates very shortly! Keep watching. ..

The ‘Box of Books’

The box of books continues it’s long journey around the world with stops at Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra in the past few weeks. The box has been a part of 5 events to date but has another 15 before it can rest! Keep track of the box on the Facebook page here.

Hugo Costa Marques hand delivers to the box of books!