The Photobook Club Canberra, A Report

It is always good to hear how various Photobook Club branches run events and what discussion arise, particularly for those wishing to start a club. This report here is from Sean Davey, Projects and Education Manager at PhotoAccess and PBC Canberra organizer:

The second Canberra Photobook Club Meet-Up was held at PhotoAccess in the ACT on Saturday 9 February. We had ten people for the event and fewer books than the first meet-up, which enabled the discussion of each book to be greater and more in-depth. The group was keen to discuss numerous areas of photography, from observation and surveillance to photographers’ intentions and aspects of photojournalism.

Highlights included “It’s beautiful here, isn’t it….” by Luigi Ghirri, “The Dusseldorf School of Photography” by Stefan Gronert, and “Saul Leiter” by Steidl. We had allowed two hours for book introductions and discussion, but we ran well over time. After a short break for lunch the group gathered in the PhotoAccess Multimedia Room to watch the documentary “How to make a book with Steidl” (thanks must go to Ingo Fleiss for allowing us to give a public screening of his film). The Canberra Photobook Club will have another meet-up in the coming months when we receive the “Box of Books” that is making its way around the world! We look forward to it.

– Sean Davey