The Photobook Club’s ‘Box of Books’ Makes it’s 4th Stop

The ‘Box of Books‘ has just made it’s 4th stop off at a Photobook Cub event, this time in Coimbra before it heads on to PBC Porto and PBC Barreiro. You can see images from this the Coimbra event below courtesy of Arnaldo Carvalho and can also catch up with the box’s progress via it’s own Facebook page.

The box has more than 2,800 miles still to travel and many more events to go to. Will keep you posted on those as they occur!


Photobook Club Lisbon, Meetup #3

The most recent addition to the Photobook Club family based in Lisbon, Portugal had their 3rd meetup this last week. Thanks to organiser Susana Paiva for sharing these images for the event.

If you would like to meet up with the Photobook Club Lisbon, you can find more information on the branch page here.