My Photobook New Years Resolutions

We’ve had the end of year lists which I couldn’t resist getting involved in, but we must remember that photobooks are for life, not just Christmas…

…and so here are my photobook-related New Years resolutions, things I have been thinking about for a wee while and hope that committing them to ‘paper’ might make me stick to ‘em.

Buy fewer books
I am by no means a huge book buyer but I realized in compiling my list before Christmas that there were a stack of books I had bought and still not really spent any decent time with. I plan to spend 3 times longer with 3 times fewer books this year.

Yuhki Touyama, Line13

Jump into Japanese photobooks
This goes against resolution number 1 but resolutions are supposed to be broken right?
I have pretty much ignored Japanese photobooks up until now, the only reason is that I figure they will be much like beginning to watch ‘The Wire’ or ‘The Sopranos’; I will love it but it will take up all my time and most of my money. Perhaps if I just borrow a few from the library it will be manageable!

Avoid jumping into Chinese and Soviet photobooks

So the next big thing for photobook lovers are Chinese and Soviet books apparently but haven’t Soviet books in particular been popular with collectors for a while? Either way, i’m going to avoid them, wait for the craze to die down and enjoy them leisurely without worrying about price and availability. Im sure many will go for crazy prices, I may never see them but I’m reluctantly getting used to the idea that you can never see ALL the great books.

Un-organise my bookshelf
In a moment of acute procrastination I sort-of organised my bookshelf before Christmas (nothing too sophisticated, just done on loose theme really). I have found however it is a little boring; I know what book I will find next to another, there is no fun or discovery in that. I want to go back to the days where I look for a book and find three others I haven’t visited for a while.

I’ve been involved , albeit loosely with a few book productions but would like to do more this year. I’m not sure whether this will be in publishing per se but would love to hear from anyone interested in collaborating on a project (email here). 

Ask more
There is a beauty in struggling with a book, forming our own interpretations, right or wrong. With a curious mind however there is also, in some cases a frustration. I have on occasions directly approached the photographer to chat about aspects of the book, this year, I’m going to do it much more as so far, everyone has responded with really informative messages.

Mrs. Merryman’s Collection (MACK) to be included in the box

Box of books
There will be more on this by the end of the month but I am really looking forward to this wee project which will involve a box of books heading round the world stopping off at each of the Photobook Club branches. Coming soon….

– Matt