Coventry and Medellin: An Image Exchange

Over the last ten weeks or so, some of my students from Coventry University have been connected with Tom Griggs’ students in Medellin, Colombia. The image exchange was designed to connect locations, perspective and ideas between students on two continents and is an open project viewable by the following blogs…

Exchange 1
(featuring Kat Ullman and Natalia Lopera)

Exchange 2
(featuring Lucy Bartlett and Margarita Valdivieso)

Exchange 3
(featuring Imogen Wall and Andrés Sanchez)

Exchange 4
(featuring Stephen Ma and Edwin Ochoa)

Exchange 5
(featuring Tom Tierney and Juliana Henao Alcaraz)

Exchange 6
(featuring Jonny Bark and Mónica Lorenza Taborda)

Exchange 7
(featuring Jess Bell and Alba Bran)

A curated selection of work can be seen below and a separate collection from Tom is viewable on the fototazo site here.

We exchange emails and talk frequently through Facebook and have bounced ideas off one another and have learned so much from just seeing the work that was being exchanged.

– Stephen Ma

Stephen Ma
Edwin Ochoa
Natalia Lopera
Imogen Wall
Kat Ullman
Stephen Ma
Jess Bell
Mónica Lorenza Taborda
Lucy Bartlett
Alba Bran
Juliana Henao Alcaraz
Andrés Sánchez Muñoz