The Photobook Club Dunnedin launches!

News from Neil Satori who is setting up a Photobook Club branch in Dunnedin, NZ:

Welcome to the PHOTO BOOK CLUB Dunedin!

The PHOTO BOOK CLUB Dunedin has been initiated by Neil Satori of Neil Satori Brand, film photographer and photography based events who has just recently taken up residence in Dunedin.

If you are a photographer interested in the photo book format this is the forum to meet, exchange idea’s and opportunities. Dates and venue for our first meet will be posted soon, come along and bring a photo book to share. Each meet includes a presentation or video of interesting and/or successful photographers New Zealand and international photographers. First up is the photography and life of William Klein, an American photographer now resident in Paris known for his innovative fashion images using telephoto.

With online publishing and the advent of high quality and affordable publishing as a result, the photo book has changed dramatically from how we knew it way back then, the scope, size, content and the merging of design and photography has opened up a new world for the photographer, film or digital, old school or contemporary.

Friend the PHOTO BOOK CLUB Dunedin or Neil Satori Brand on Facebook and we’ll keep you posted on articles, photographers and events of interest.

Please feel welcome to forward news of the establishment of the PHOTO BOOK CLUB Dunedin to friends and contacts.

Coming up in 2014 … the PHOTO BOOK CLUB Dunedin International Photography Workshop, details soon!