ELIA Conference, the PBC Amsterdam and #picbod in Spain

Next week I will be in Amsterdam to talk at the ELIA ‘Preparing the Artist of Tomorrow’ conference in Utrecht and Amsterdam so if anyone else is by chance (and I realise it is a small chance) going to be attending, do let me know.

Following this I will be in Amsterdam for a day or two and am very happy to be heading to the Photobook Club Amsterdam’s second meetup organized by Taco Hidde BakkerRein Jelle and Shirley Agudo. If you are in Amsterdam and fancy a coffee, just drop me an email.

In other news, a little while ago I mentioned some of my students who had been working with remote participants of the connected class #picbod and who were planning to bring the class exhibition from Coventry and expand it in Santander, Spain. They did of course and it was a great success, so hats off to all of those involved and to Brian Meta who took the opportunity to run a PBC event themed around the photographic representation of the body while in Spain. You can see some of the work and all round good times below: