Berlin Photobook Club meeting #1

Great news from Zoopark in Berlin who are hosting their first Photobook Club meeting on July 11th.

Bring a photobook (or photobooks) you like and let’s have a close look at them trying to answer these questions. There will be no leaders in this discussion: all participants are equal and every opinion matters.

The only rule: not to bring and present your own photobook 🙂
Please drop us a message on Facebook or e-mail to if you would like to take part in the Club.

Head over to their Facebook event page here and the Zoopark publishing collective page here.


PBC Tokyo #2, PBC London and PBC Berlin

Below is a report from the awesome Yoshikatsu Fujii who organizes the Photobook Club Tokyo. But before hitting the jump, there are movements towards new Photobook Club branches in both London and Berlin. If you haven’t already, please pop me a quick email if you are interested.

Thanks – Matt

Hi Matt,

We held second Meetup in Tokyo yesterday!
It was a great success.

Pleas see some images below or head here for the full report.

We have only two weeks our next meetup.
I’m busy preparing for the meetup.
But I’m so happy!