From early 2011 to late 2012 the Photobook Club focused on readings of particular photobooks. The idea was to curate a journey through each of the works, providing newcomers some contextual information and augmenting the work with commentary and personal reflection, which would, (in theory) also enhance the reading of those already familiar with the book.

In hindsight the reading list demonstrates a narrow view of the photobook world but at the time these choices were based on what I saw to be the sort of photobooks that were highly regarded, cited as seminal but seldom discussed openly.

Robert Frank The Americans

Richard Avedon Observations

Eugene Smith Cocaine True, Cocaine Blue

Larry Sultan The Valley

Anders Peterson Cafe Lehmitz

Ken Schles Invisible City

Nan Goldin The Ballad Of Sexual Dependencey

Nobuyoshi Araki Sentimental Journey, Winter Journey

Stephen Shore Uncommon Places

Sally Mann Immediate Family

Paul Graham A1: The Great North Road