Photobook Club Amsterdam; first meeting report

Thanks to Taco Hidde Bakker (who runs the PBC Amsterdam along with Shirley Agudo) for this report from the Photobook Club Amsterdam’s inaugural event, complete with some images…

A short update from the Photobook Club Amsterdam front.

Last thursday we had a succesful first meeting with a small club of 10 people. We talked about the idea of the PBC. Shirley introduced Mrs. Merryman’s Collection (Mack, 2012) & I introduced Michael Lesy’s Wisconsin Death Trip (Pantheon, 1973). The books circled round the table and lively discussions stirred up about issues of truth most of all. (Shirley and I didn’t know beforehand that the books we proposed would have such an underlying thematic connection).

This initial meeting certainly calls for many follow-ups…

Taco Hidde Bakker

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