The #Picbod Exhibition

264 posts, this is only the second mentioning anything other than photobooks*, but it is something that I am very keen to share. For a while now I have been lecturing at Coventry University on the photography degree and just this term have been running an open class called #picbod (Picturing the Body) which looks to question our representations of the body as well as develop the students artisanal skills as photographers and producers.

The #Picbod Wall at Coventry School of Art and Design

The class is unique in that alongside the 30 students who attend classes with me in Coventry, there are a further 160 who take part remotely, from around the globe through a Google + Community. For the first five weeks all students had small tasks (The Self Portrait, The Tribe, Nude and Naked, Negotiation and The Empowered Portrait) which they would share with one another and be able to receive feedback and discussion outside class times.

©Melissa Santos

Now, students are working on their final submissions which will be exhibited at a venue in Coventry on the 8th and 9th of March (All of this organized solely by the students). They will also be exhibiting digital artifacts online which will be linked by the G+ Community so if you cannot get to the exhibition, this may be an interesting place to go.

If you are keen to see the tasks I have set the students as well as lecture notes and their responses, head to the G+ Community.
(All lectures and lecture notes are available for you to use and reuse how you see fit but I would ask that you let me know if you are planning to do this)

If you are interested in attending the exhibition in Coventry, UK, or just want to show support, head to the event page in facebook.

*Actually, a heap of students are making handmade books for their submission so perhaps this is about photobooks after-all.

©Kate Green


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