Tom Morris on ’26 Different Endings’, a Personal Reflection

Thanks to Tom Morris for not only writing this personal reflection but also for nominating this book for s to look at over the course of October. If you want to suggest a book for us to look at, get in touch.

I was introduced to Mark Power’s 26 Different Endings during my first year studying photography at Leeds College of Art. We were visiting Martin Parr’s exhibition Parrworld at the Baltic gallery, Newcastle. Within Parr’s impressive collection of photographic works and other items was a print by Power, taken from this project. I was immediately drawn to the photograph, and was attracted to the almost bleak imagery of the British landscape.

Whilst at college my tutor had started a special photographic book collection in the library. The collection had a range of fascinating books from both British and international photographers. The books were kept in there own cabinet, and when viewing white gloves had to be worn. It really did feel as though the collection was important and I think this was when I first fell in love with the photographic book. I wanted to start my own collection and 26 Different Endings was one of the first books that I bought.


26 Different Endings is a really great book for anyone interested in this type of photography. The photographs are beautiful and reminiscent of many places within the British landscape. I find the sense of familiarity within these almost gloomy scenes quite warming. The book includes an excellent essay by David Chandler, and also if you buy it directly from Mark Power’s website you will get a signed copy – which is a great bonus.

– Tom Morris

Haven’t seen the book yet?

This one is still available at a reasonable price and so this video is in no way a replacement for seeing the real thing, instead it is shown here to give a feel for the layout, design and sequencing of the book, for a selection of high quality images from this book, head over here.

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