Mark Power: Some Food for Thought #2

While ‘Food for Thought #1‘ focused on Power’s broader photographic projects to date, this post highlights a few resources linked specifically to ’26 Different Endings’.

Colette Meacher reviews ’26 Different Endings’ on Foto8

Select quote: “Travel to the end of the road with Mark Power, who has made a determined mission to expose what lies hidden within these apparently cultureless outposts of British civilisation, that might trendily be referred to as terrains vagues or non-places.”

‘Temporal Landscapes’, A Thesis by Shelley Jacobson (PDF link)
For those who want to cut to the chase, you can do so by searching for ’26’ in this paper for comment on Power’s images, but if you have the time, this is an interesting thesis including the work of Burtynsky, Maisel, Baltz and a heap more.

See  a selection of the Images on Mark Power’s website

Read the accompanying autobiographical essay by David Chandler (PDF link)

Select quote: “Drawn by the magnet of memories lightly softened over the years and fully expecting to enjoy sneering at some tasteless attempts at gentrification, I was confronted instead by a deeply depressing vision of neglect: peeling paint, overgrown garden, rubbish piling up by the garage my Dad had expertly built himself. And to complete the picture, a similarly weathered ‘For Sale’ sign that looked as if it had been there for a generation.”

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