The Photobook Club Porto to Hold Innaugral Meetup 26th September

Great to hear that the Photobook Club Porto will be officially launching with their first meetup later this month under the guidance of organizers Ângela Fereira, Jorge Velhote, Nelson d’Aires and Renato Roque who has shared the following information for those who are interested in attending:

The first session is planned for Porto on the 26th September (21.30) at Arquivo, an old house in Oporto, renovated for a restaurant and dedicated to various events. Curiously its name (Archive) has a big relation to photography.

There has been a page created in Facebook for the Photobook Club in Porto found here

The first session will be dedicated to “The Pencil of Nature” which is considered to be the first Photobook (1844), by William Henry Fox Talbot

– Renato Roque

If you are interested in attending, head over to the Facebook page linked above and let Renato know!

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