New York Meet-up #3: ‘Focus on Japan’

This past weekend the Photobook Club New York held their third meetup, this time themed around the Japanese photobook with some fantastic, rare, and fantastically rare books being shown and shared by the group. Luckily for all who could not attend, organiser Helka Aleksdóttir has a full article on the event on her Phot(o)lia blog.

And if you are interested in attending the next PBC- NY event, then sign up here.

Our third photobook meet-up took place last Saturday evening and was focused on Japan. Russet Lederman and Jeff Gutterman were our special guests and shared gems from their incredible collection of Japanese photobooks. They have been collecting photoboks for over 10 years and have a lot to share. What a great presentation and a show of books it was!

It was a rare opportunity to see first edition (1986) of Masahisa Fukase’s Karasu (Ravens), Eikoh Hosoe’s two versions of Barakei (1963/1971), Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Sea of Buddha, Ikko Narahara’s Espana Grand Tarde (1969) (and more!) and discover less known books like Jun Miki’s Samba Samba Brazil, Shuji Terayama’s Dog-God People. Russet also brought  Osamu Kanemura’s book from the performance Human Noise Amplifier that took place in Tokyo, organized by Ivan Vartanian

– Helka Aleksdóttir

Several images are shown below from the talented Mathieu Asselin, more available via the full article.

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