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‘A1: The Great North Road’ was Paul Graham’s first monograph (self-published in 1983) but was by no means his last. The following 4 years saw two more books published in almost Identical design under Grey Editions. In 1990 Graham took another look at Northern Ireland in ‘In Umbra Res’ before turning his gaze on ‘New Europe’, Japan, and most recently America in ‘American Night’ and ‘A Shimmer of Possibility’.

A full list of Graham’s monographs can be found below:

A1 The Great North Road, 1983
Paul Graham

A1: The Great North Road

Images Online:
Here, in Graham’s first publication, he documents both the physical landscape and people that inhabit the roadside service stations, rest-stops and motels of the Great North Road in order to ‘weave a picture of England in the 1980’s’.

Beyond Caring, 1986
Paul Graham

Beyond Caring

Images online:
‘Beyond Caring’ chronicles the state of employment in 80’s Britain through images made in the waiting rooms, corridors and cubicles of the department of social security and department of employment.


Trouble Land, The social landscape of Northern Ireland, 1987
Paul Graham

Troubled Land

Images Online:
Troubled Land was Graham’s last book produced in the 80’s and followed the style of the two previous publications via ‘Grey Editions’. This time examining the subtle relationship between the landscape of Northern Ireland and the ‘troubles of its society’.


In Umbra Res, 1990
Paul Graham

In Umbra Res

I have yet to see this book but there is some good information online at ‘Design for Life’ and also a video of the book from American Suburb X.

New Europe, 1993
Paul Graham

New Europe

Images Online:
‘New Europe seeks to dig beneath the utopian dream of a united continent arising to face the 21st century. Paul Graham’s photographs reflect on the inescapable shadow of history that falls over each nation’s conscience, from the dictatorships of Franco and Hitler, to the Holocaust and the Irish conflict.’ (From back cover of ‘New Europe’)

Empty Heaven, 1995
Paul Graham

Empty Heaven

Images Online:
Another book I havn’t seen but again there are good resources online. Check out two reviews/reflections by TJ Proechel or  ‘Some Pictures, Some News‘.


Paul Graham Contemporary Artists monograph, Phaidon Press, 1996
Paul Graham, Phaidon

Paul Graham

This book features a collection of Graham’s images, along with essays and an interview to provide a solid overview of his work up to 1996. The extensive interview with Gillian Wearing, is alone worth the read and to find a conversation with the great Lewis Baltz at the end of the book is a great treat.


End of an Age, 1998
Paul Graham

End of an Age

Images Online:
From the publisher: From the publisher: “End of an Age is a meditation on the transition from adolescence to adulthood at the end of the postwar order. Ultra-sharp direct flash images alternate with blurred, available-light photographs, a long, inquiring, and elegiac look at young white adults facing an uncertain future after the end of white, Western mono-culture.”

Paintings, 2000
Paul Graham

– Woops, I missed this one form the original list but there is a post on it here along with spreads from the book, with thanks to Tom Claxton.


American Night, 2003
Paul Graham

American Night

Images Online:
An examination or at least a mediation on the great divides in America. A combination of super high key images depicting subjects walking and carrying bags, and slick, saturated color images of American dream houses. It’s certainly worth a look but I got much more from an exhibition of this work than I do from the book.


A Shimmer of Possibility, 2009 (12 books in a set)
Paul Graham

A Shimmer of Possibility

Images Online:
I really have no idea how to describe these books, or what they are even about. I guess they are little snapshots of life (and lives), they are charming and fun poems or narratives which I’m sure those more literate could base thesis’ on, but for me the enjoyment is in coming to these books with no preconceived notions of greatness or enlightenment and simply watching moments unfold.

The Present, 2012
Paul Graham

The Present

I know very little of this book as it has only just launched but there is a detailed review over on the Photo-Eye blog.

– Matt


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