Video – Paul Graham’s ‘A1: The Great North Road’

Seeing as this books isn’t easy to come by, I have made a quick video found here. My apologies for the book’s condition but thanks to CU Photography’s library as I don’t have a copy myself. Let’s just say it is good to see a book has been so loved!

(This video is intended to give a feel for the layout, design and sequencing of the book, for a selection of high quality images from this book, head over to Paul Graham’s website)

From the publisher:
Photographer Paul Graham spent two years completing this documentary on the life and landscape of the Great North Road. Throughout 1981 and 1982 he made numerous trips along the A1, crossing and recrossing the length of the nation to record every aspect of life at the verge of this great road. The photographs reproduced in this book build not only into a significant documentary of the A1, but also provide a thread along which we can travel the Great North Road, deep into the nation’s heart, and weave a picture of England in the 1980s.

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