Coming up on the Photo Book Club…

After a break over Christmas the Photo Book Club will be resuming normal service in February. There will also be a Meet-up in Coventry which I shall be running as part of the open photography class #picbod, and so if anyone is interested in attending and is in the West Midlands area, pop me an email.

And so to the first few books we will be looking at in 2012; we start with Stephen Shore’s ‘Uncommon Places’, followed by Sally Mann’s ‘Immediate Family’. Two classic American photobooks and two that I am sure will lead to some interesting discussion.
– If you would like to write a personal reflection on either of these books, or suggest what we might look at in April, you can do so in the comments below, or via email.

– Matt

February – Stephen Shore’s ‘Uncommon Places’

March – Sally Mann’s ‘Immediate Family’

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