#fromthelibrary 2 – East of a New Eden

This week we will be discussing Kakulya and Mingard – ‘East of a New Eden’ documenting New Europe’s external borders. If you have would like to comment on the book, get involved in the comment section here, or by using the hashtag #fromthelibrary on twitter.

In last week’s session students brought all brought books from the library as well as looking closely at the ‘Border Film Project’

East of a New Eden

Alban Kakulya and Yann Mingard
Lars Muller Publishers 2010
Amazon UK Link

East of a New Eden, Image - Pete Lord

Dipping in and out of this book will be rewarding for those looking for a beautifully presented selection of euro-style images. But the real reward of this books requires investment in it’s documentation and factual pages that accompany the photographers images
– Matt

“Europe’s new eastern borders stretch from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea: 1,600 heavily guarded kilometres between former ‘fraternal countries’. The photographers Yann Mingard and Alban Kakulya spent a long time on the road; one of them travelled down from the North and the other up from the South in an effort to document the places and landscapes that mark the end of the Western world. On their journey they photographed the landscape as well as the border posts with their soldiers and their refugees seized at the frontier, and documented a reality defined in faraway Strasbourg, Brussels, and elsewhere. Explanatory maps and satellite images are juxtaposed in this book with the striking photographs. Articles by political scientists, security experts, sociologists, human rights specialists, and philosophers, as well as literary texts round out this photographic survey of the EU’s Eastern European external borders.”

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