World Photobook Day — #AnnaGoesGreen

OCT 14/2018

Anna Atkins — Photographs of British Algae, 1843

Back in 1843, someone wrote a date on a book at the British Museum Library: October 14th, 1843. This book is titled Photographs of British algae. Cyanotype impressions, by Anna Atkins. And six years ago we transformed this simple gesture into a global event — the World Photobook Day.

On the 175th anniversary of the acquisition by the British Museum of the first ever published photobook, we’d like you to join and celebrate with us. You can just share the #photobookday hashtag or you can organize anything you like in your city, with your Photobook Club, publishing company, with your just released self-published photobook, your photography school mates, friends, etc.

This year we’d like to focus your energy into a global concern and ask you to remember global warming, the environmental impact of our lives, books on plants and nature, links to earth and of course, the first book on seaweed!!! As with every year, we know there is not much time to organize large events. We can propose some easy activities you can undertake to celebrate locally this global event:

  •    Post a #PhotoBookDay Selfie or a Shelfie on social media: an image with you and your current favourite photobook.
  •    Ask your local library to buy local self-published photobooks and photozines, we are sure you can give them some ideas.
  •    Buy a photobook. Many bookshops and publishers will make special discounts for the day. Follow your favourite bookshops on social media or search for #PhotoBookDay for offers and discounts.
  •    If you make or sell books, offer your customers discounts or some special goodies. If you run a bookshop a special 5% discount, or free shipping costs, will make your clients happy. Don’t forget to announce it with #PhotoBookDay on your usual social media channels.
  •    Search for a PhotoBook Club in your city to meet with like other people and share photobooks. If there is no one, PhotoBookDay can be a good day to start one. We’ll make a list with activities organized by clubs all around the globe.
  •    Discuss your love of photobooks via the twitter hashtag #PhotoBookDay. Or on instagram, too.

We have some visuals you can use to add to your posters and social network communications that you will find on this site. And please, tell us what you did for World PhotoBook Day 2018. We hope we all have fun this day with photobooks.

Organise! Participate! Celebrate! World Photobook Day has been set up as a collaboration between the organizers of Photobook Club Madrid, Doug Spowart and Matt Johnston. Celebrating the photobook, born in 1843.


Juan Barte
Juan Cires
Bonifacio Barrio Hijosa
Matt Johnston
Doug Spowart


This seems like a great time to share How We See: Photobooks by Women produced by 10×10 photobooks. It’s kinda pricey but maybe one to suggest for your local/institutions library as it is probably the most important book on photobooks for some time. 


The Photobook Club Alicante launches on World Photobook Day!

The Photobook Club Alicante, founded by Jose Carlos Robles, will launch on the 14th October to coincide with World Photobook Day! The club already has a great website found here and can also be found on facebook here.

Below is a message from Jose for those who are in the area and might be of interest:

Primero fue Niepce, después llegaron Daguerre , Bayard y Henry Fox Talbot. Sin embargo, hay un momento en la historia y una ilustre protagonista que a menudo queda en el olvido. El 14 de octubre de 1843, Anna Atkins, publicó “British Algae”, una publicación que puede ser considerada como el primer fotolibro conocido y al que con frecuencia le disputa el honor “Pencil of Nature” de H. Fox Talbot.

Según el catálogo de la British Library , parece que la duda queda despejada en favor de Atkins.

Hemos elegido la fecha del 170 aniversario para el lanzamiento de PHOTOBOOK CLUB ALICANTE, y para ello rendiremos justo reconocimiento a la autora británica por su pionera aportación. Con ello no hacemos más que adherirnos a otras iniciativas que rememoran el hecho.

¿CUÁNDO?  El día 14 de Octubre a las 19:00 horas

¿DÓNDE? Pendiente de confirmación


No olvides reservar tu plaza por mail a y por supuesto traer tú libro. Y si alguien tiene un ejemplar de la obra de ATKINS (difícil lo veo) sería fabuloso.


Queremos destacar también que el Photobook Club de Madrid  ha sido pionero en su propuesta en este sentido y desde aquí queremos compartirlo y felicitarles por ello. (Photobook Club Madrid – October 14th, #PhotoBookDay)

Más información sobre Atkins:

Anna Atkins – Wikipedia
Getty Museum
Seen is believing

World Photobook Day on October 14th

On October 14th you might find your local PBC branch holding a special meeting to mark the birth of the photobook back in 1843. If you do not live in a city with a PBC, why not grab that book that you bought last year and haven’t really spent any time with yet, pull it off the shelf and sit down for half an hour of photobook investigation.

Share your images of you and your book, or any musings on the photobook with the hashtag #PhotoBookDay and head over to to see what others are doing.

What follows is a message from the Photobook Club Madrid:

Dear friends:

On 14 October is International Day of the photobook. This date is a direct homage to the first photobook known: Photographs of British algae. Cyanotype impressions of Anna Atkins. Since we do not know the date of publication, we have taken the date of entry in the catalog the copies for the British Library:

This year marks the 170th anniversary of that date and we’d love you to join this celebration and turn that day into a global event organizing an event related to the Photobook in your respective cities.

Not much time to organize large activities, so as usual in the PhotoBook Club Madrid we will opt for organizing something accessible to anyone who wants to participate.

We propose – as a global activity to develop through facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. – Share a photo of a photobook using the hashtag # PhotoBookDay. Organize any other activity that you consider appropriate to celebrate the day. let us know to share .

Celebrate the photobook, born in 1843.