The Future of Photobooks

Below is a talk I gave at University college London as part the London Design Festival 2011.

The panel included Dr Aquiles Alencar-Brayner of the British Library, Teresa Pereira of Blurb Books and Angus Phillips, Director of the Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies at Oxford Brookes University.

We were asked the question ‘What is to become of photobooks?’. I attempted to answer in relation to:

  • The Photo Book Club
  • The book as an object
  • Community
  • Experience

- Matt

3 Responses to The Future of Photobooks

  1. Onlynae99 says:


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  3. Hollie Newsinger says:

    I completely agree with the summarising point. No format is better than the other. I read an article that compared print and web media to the currency system ; when credit card, debit card and cheques were introduced into the system they didn’t out play the coin. They are simply an additional method of payment a new form that can be used differently in different situations. I think this applies to media format also, web maxed media is a new format that can be read and used during different situations to print. It is taking nothing away from print media, just broadening the industry!

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