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Ken Schles: Invisible City, A Digital Resource

This really should not have taken as long as it has, and for that my apologies. I often stress that accessibility is of paramount importance to me and The Photobook Club so was well aware that in publishing the Invisible … Continue reading

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5 Questions from Martin Brink of ‘The Digitial Photobook’

Swedish photographer and writer Martin Brink recently set up ‘The Digital Photobook’, a place to discuss and review how photographers and photography is exploring new possibilities in digital publishing. As part of this site Martin put 5 questions to me … Continue reading

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The Photobook Club Presents… Ken Schles: Invisible City

Today I am pleased to announce the launch of a digital publication looking closely at Ken Schles’ photobook Invisible City. This publication is currently available as a direct download for the iPad but will be available on more platforms shortly. This … Continue reading

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Photo Book Club New York #2 on Sat 21st April

After the success of the inaugural PBCNY meeting in Febrauary, Helka Aleksdóttir has arranged meetup #2 which will take place on the 21st April at the InDi-go-CuBe, Long Island City. I am especially  envious of this meetup as Ken Schles … Continue reading

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Stephen Shore’s ‘Uncommon Places’ and Memory

I have been thinking a little about memory lately (I can partly blame Ken Schles’ talk here) and have enjoyed seeing posts regarding the Google ‘Visually Similar Images‘ search. I was also casting an eye over the Galata Bridge experiment … Continue reading

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Ken Schles: Four Books

A few months ago Ken Schles spoke at the SPE Northeast Conference in Syracuse, if ever there was a dream-team conference, this was it for me! Ken’s talk was posted online yesterday and I recommend anyone with even a passing … Continue reading

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Invisible City: A Summary

As I have mentioned often in this process we are truly thankful that Ken has taken the time to illuminate us through a book that the majority of readers had never seen in it’s entirety. And one that only gains … Continue reading

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Matt Johnston on ‘Invisible City’, a personal reflection

The first thing I said upon seeing the ‘Invisible City’ in it’s entirety was simply, “wow”, unfortunately at the time I was across the table from Ken Schles himself who had kindly agreed to lend the Photo Book Club a … Continue reading

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