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Shelley Jacobson on ‘26 Different Endings’, a personal reflection

My thanks to New Zealand based photographer Shelley Jacobson for sharing this reflection on Power’s ’26 Different Endings’. If you enjoy this text, please check out Shelley’s thesis on temporal landscapes which can be read online here. 26 Different Endings … Continue reading

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Mark Power and Militarization in ’26 Different Endings’

Maybe it’s just me but there seems to be a loose military theme showing it’s head every now and again in Power’s ’26 Different Endings’. Perhaps it is the grid references and camouflage palette that put me in a particular … Continue reading

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Tom Morris on ’26 Different Endings’, a Personal Reflection

Thanks to Tom Morris for not only writing this personal reflection but also for nominating this book for s to look at over the course of October. If you want to suggest a book for us to look at, get … Continue reading

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VIDEO – Mark Power’s ’26 Different Endings’

This one is still available at a reasonable price and so this video is in no way a replacement for seeing the real thing, instead it is shown here to give a feel for the layout, design and sequencing of … Continue reading

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Mark Power: Some Food for Thought #2

While ‘Food for Thought #1‘ focused on Power’s broader photographic projects to date, this post highlights a few resources linked specifically to ’26 Different Endings’. Colette Meacher reviews ’26 Different Endings’ on Foto8 Select quote: “Travel to the end of … Continue reading

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Synopsis: Mark Power’s ’26 Different Endings’

Title 26 Different Endings Author Mark Power Publisher Photoworks, 2007 From the publisher: In this new Photoworks publication, British photographer Mark Power returns to the dialogue between real and imaginary space that characterised his most successful book to date, “The … Continue reading

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A Very British Affair on the Photobook Club in May and June

What with the London 2012 Olympics just around the corner, I’ve been feeling patriotic and noticed that so far, we have yet to look at a British photobook, and so the next two months will do just that. In May … Continue reading

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