#PhotoBookDay Eve

It is #PhotoBookDay eve and all over the world people are preparing to celebrate with books tomorrow, in fact only hours away for the meetings in Australia.

Remember to check out all the fantastic offers available at bookshops as well as seeing where the nearest meetings are to you by heading over to the website.

If you aren’t near a meeting but still want to share the booklove…

  • Post a #PhotoBookDaySelfie on social media: an image with you and your current favourite photobook.

  • Discuss your love of photobooks via the twitter hashtag #PhotoBookDay

  • Donate a self-published photobook or photozine to your nearest public library or school library. Where we can we will publish a list of public libraries accepting donations this day.

  • Buy a photobook. Many bookshops and publishers will make special discounts for the day. We’ll publish a list of them.

And lastly before retiring to bed in preparation for this joyous day, a big welcome to the Photobook Club Lima organised by Eneka Fernandez who will hold their inaugural meetup tomorrow to coincide with #PhotoBookDay. You can find out more here.

- Matt

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World #PhotoBookDay in Coventry

To celebrate Photobook Day here in Coventry we will be hosted by the newly opened ‘Big Comfy Bookshop‘ at Fargo Village which ticks all sorts of boxes for a great meeting place – beer, coffee, cakes, books and sofas!

A suggestion from Lucy Bartlett will see members bringing books from as many different countries as possible and at the same time we will be having the homecoming of the ‘Box of Books’ which has just returned from it’s around-the-world journey.

If you are interested in attending this event on October 14th please email me – matt@photobookclub.org 


Tuesday 14th October
Big Comfy Bookshop
Fargo Village
Far Gosford Street
6pm – 8pm

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World Photobook Day – October 14th

This coming October 14th World #PhotoBookDay will be celebrated! This date is a direct homage to the first known photobook: Photographs of British algae. Cyanotype impressions, by Anna Atkins. As the exact publishing date is unknown, we have taken the date that appears in the registry of the copy in British Library records.


Feel free to organise other activities for this day. We’d love you to join us in this celebration and contribute to make this date a global event by organising an action related to photobooks in your own city. As soon as you program your activity, please e-mail it to us, and we’ll post it in this website: photobookday.org.

This is the second year of this global event, in 2013 there were a nice collection of activities spread over many different countries, check them out on photobookday.org.

We know there is not much time to organise large activities, but we can propose easy actions you can take to celebrate locally this global event:

  • Post a #PhotoBookDaySelfie on social media: an image with you and your current favourite photobook.

  • Donate a self-published photobook or photozine to your nearest public library or school library. Where we can we will publish a list of public libraries accepting donations this day.

  • Buy a photobook. Many bookshops and publishers will make special discounts for the day. We’ll publish a list of them.

  • Check our map and locate your nearest activities and participate!

 Organise! Participate! Celebrate!

The World Photobook Day has been set up as a collaboration between the organizers of Photobook Club Madrid and Matt Johnston.

Celebrating the photobook, born in 1843.


Matt Johnston
Juan Cires
Ricardo Garrido
Bonifacio Barrio Hijosa

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Rock Your Dummy – Open Call

Following on from the huge success of last year’s ‘Le Photobook Fest’ and the inaugural ‘Rock Your Dummy’ contest, the competition is running again this year so get the low down below from the organisers of lephotobookfest.

Rock Your Dummy!  is  an open call for dummies to support and showcase the work of photobook makers from all over the world.

The Rock Your Dummy! award aims to help a photographer to realise and publish its photobook dummy. Maria Books, the latest publishing project of Le PhotobookFest, will work hand to hand with the photographer to launch the book with a special event in Arles 2015.

The exhibition will be presented during all the festival and hosted at L’Ancienne Imprimerie/Picture Tank, 19 rue Bisson 75020 Paris.

“The dummy is a work in progress but also a significant waymark on the route to publication in one form or another. It seemed appropriate that while we look to celebrate the beauty of the dummy as an artefact in it’s own right, we should also acknowledge it as a work yet to be fully realised and so seek to support it’s author in that realisation.” -
Matt Johnson, 
Founder of The Photobook Club

•    Rock Your Dummy Award :
 All selected photobook dummies in the exhibition will run for the “Rock Your Dummy Award”. One winner will be selected by the main jury (to be announced soon) at Le PhotobookFest awards presentation on Sunday 16 november. The winner of the “Rock Your Dummy Award” gets the opportunity to publish a book with Maria Books (more details soon).

•    Box of Dummies Award :
 As a result of the public vote,  a dummy will be selected to be included in the “Box of Dummies“, a traveling showcase through the branches of the Photobook Club network all over the world -
More infos about the Box Of Books project  http://boxofbooks.photobookclub.org/

“Winning Rock your dummy! contest in 2013 was a great and exciting experience. My book Did we ever meet? got a lot of exposure and has been since exhibited in Europe and Russia. I got a chance to talk about the dummy with experts from the book business. I’ve reedited it to be able to self-publish it independently and do the whole process from printing to binding at home. Thank you so much guys, and good luck to all the contestants this year!!”
Lena Kholkina, Winner of the Rock Your Dummy Award www.offonroad.com.

“I took part in the first edition of Le Photobookfest with my dummy “Dispersal”, I got an honorable mention, and I must confess it took me by surprise. I regret I wasn’t even there when they announced it, cause the atmosphere was at the same time cool, relaxed, and perfect to share books and ideas. A little gem in Paris Photo frenzy. Suddenly, my “book” (which looks more like a box) got noticed, it drew attention, and I could hear feedbacks and comments. I am sure it is also because of Le Photobookfest that it is now almost sold out, and I wish to be part again of this cool new baby among festivals!”
Arianna Sanesi, Honorable Mention,http://www.ariannasanesi.com/


Conditions :
We are particularly keen to receive, showcase and support mock-up and hand-crafted dummies !

– Your dummy must be the maquette of an unpublished book.
– No electronic version accepted.
– Open to all ! No age or nationality limits.
– The shipping fees (go and return) are at your cost.
– Send your complete name & address, email + name of the book + year of making
– You agree that your dummy will be manipulated by hundreds of people and might be a bit damaged (the price to pay for success :) ).

Deadline for submission is October 30th 2014

Send your dummy to :
Emilie Hallard / Picturetank
19 rue Bisson
75020 Paris – France

Please email us for more info at lephotobookfest@gmail.com

Our Web : lephotobookfest.com

Find us on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/LePhotobookFest2013

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The Photobook Museum

“This is our mission! A museum for the people, not only for collectors and photographers.”

Introducing The PhotobookMuseum ! http://thephotobookmuseum.com from Markus Schaden on Vimeo.

Markus Schaden and his Photobook Museum is doing some really interesting things with the photobook and the ways in which the photobook can be enjoyed and explored by all manner of folks. If you haven’t already try and get yourself to the Carlswerk Edition, if not, watch this space for more. 

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Box of Dummies in Gibraltar

The box of dummies has arrived in Gibraltar for a meeting with the PBC Campo de Gibraltar. The event, which takes place tonight is happening as part of the ‘White Night of Photography’ event. Images to follow!

Box of Dummies in Gibraltar

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Still Here

It has been too long since the last post here but house buying, summer breaks and the like have taken over a little.

There have been some wonderful additions to the Photobook Club’s Natural Collection which you can view by clicking the image below – and remember that if you want the collection to visit your University, school or community, you just need to get in touch.

The Natural Collection – New Additions

The box of dummies is now working it’s way around the world after initial events at Coventry, Murcia and Valencia.

The Box of Dummies in Valencia

And the original Box of Books is about to start it’s journey back home from Canada – there are things planned for it’s arrival which I will be posting soon.

In other news, Nathan Pearce’s ‘Midwest Dirt‘ edited by myself and brought to book-life by Akina books has sold out – a few copies available in book shops only now! While I will continue to work with Nathan on new works I am also interested to hear from other photographers who might wish to collaborate on a body of work – email matt@photobookclub.org

Midwest Dirt by Nathan Pearce

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Coventry and Medellin: An Image Exchange

Over the last ten weeks or so, some of my students from Coventry University have been connected with Tom Griggs’ students in Medellin, Colombia. The image exchange was designed to connect locations, perspective and ideas between students on two continents and is an open project viewable by the following blogs…

Exchange 1
(featuring Kat Ullman and Natalia Lopera)

Exchange 2
(featuring Lucy Bartlett and Margarita Valdivieso)

Exchange 3
(featuring Imogen Wall and Andrés Sanchez)

Exchange 4
(featuring Stephen Ma and Edwin Ochoa)

Exchange 5
(featuring Tom Tierney and Juliana Henao Alcaraz)

Exchange 6
(featuring Jonny Bark and Mónica Lorenza Taborda)

Exchange 7
(featuring Jess Bell and Alba Bran)

A curated selection of work can be seen below and a separate collection from Tom is viewable on the fototazo site here.

We exchange emails and talk frequently through Facebook and have bounced ideas off one another and have learned so much from just seeing the work that was being exchanged.

- Stephen Ma

Stephen Ma

Edwin Ochoa

Natalia Lopera

Imogen Wall

Kat Ullman

Stephen Ma

Jess Bell

Mónica Lorenza Taborda

Lucy Bartlett

Alba Bran

Juliana Henao Alcaraz

Andrés Sánchez Muñoz

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