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The Photo Book Club is a community project, we want as much as possible to create an archive of information from different perspectives and points of view on each book we, and you, choose to look at. And so, there are a number of ways you can take part;

Recommend a book

If there is a book you think we at The Photo Book Club should consider for discussion, let us know via email or tweet us @photobookclub

Comment on a book

If you want to put your 2 cents in the use the hashtag #photobc in Twitter, or use the comments section below posts on this blog

Blog about a book

If you want to add a few more than 2 cents and have written a piece about the book being discussed (no matter how long or short) we would like to see it and share it. Put your links in the comment section as well as using he #photobc hashtag on Twitter and we will do our best to add all links to the archive for that book.

Submit a guest post

If you would like to write a guest post for The Photo Book Club then let us know! Send an email to with your blog post suggestion for your blog post and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

4 Responses to Get Involved

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  2. Malcolm says:

    Hi, I recently joined twitter and I’m still finding my way around, mapping out my personal and shared interests. So it was good to see your post, this site and the openness for creating dialogue with other interested people.
    I’d like to become more involved as I’ve had a long association with photography at many levels but enjoy the photography book format for presenting work. At some point I’d like to submit a guest post and I have several books to nominate for comment. Let’s start with Lucinda Devlin’s The omega Suites!
    I can be found on twitter @MischiefMalcolm

    • admin says:

      Good to hear from you and thanks for the kind words, would be delighted to have guest posts from you, and consider your suggestion, suggested!

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