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World Photobook Day on October 14th

On October 14th you might find your local PBC branch holding a special meeting to mark the birth of the photobook back in 1843. If you do not live in a city with a PBC, why not grab that book … Continue reading

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Mark Power’s ’26 Different Endings’ and Memory Pairings

The return of what I guess can just about be called a regular feature – memory pairings. Can’t help but recall other images whenever I leaf through a photobook or see images elsewhere. Here are a few from Mark Power’s … Continue reading

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Other Books by Paul Graham

‘A1: The Great North Road’ was Paul Graham’s first monograph (self-published in 1983) but was by no means his last. The following 4 years saw two more books published in almost Identical design under Grey Editions. In 1990 Graham took … Continue reading

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Benoit Grimbert’s ‘A1: The Great North Road’

After looking at Phil Coomes’ ‘Recession Road’, I would like to share another project which retraces (to an extent) the footsteps of Paul Graham. My thanks to Sebastian Arthur Hau for pointing me in the direction of this project by … Continue reading

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26 Years Later: The Great North Road Trip

In 2009, ‘traff’ of the Culture Republic blog said that: It would be an interesting exercise to make the journey in current times and see what changes have been wrought.  One would imagine there would be new freeways, big box … Continue reading

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Paul Graham’s ‘A1: The Great North Road’ and Memory Pairings

A wee while ago when looking at Stephen Shore’s ‘Uncommon Places’ I posted a few image pairings I couldn’t help making as I looked through the book. I enjoyed it and so decided to do it again, as before the … Continue reading

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Kurt Easterwood on Stephen Shore’s ‘West Fifteenth’, A Conclusion

Here is the fourth and final extraction from an extended piece of writing by Kurt Easterwood of Japan Exposures. Kurt produced a fantasticaly rich deconstruction and analysis of Shore’s ‘West Fifteenth St. and Vine St., Cincinnati, Ohio, May 1, 1974′ … Continue reading

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Kunstler, Venturi and Stephen Shore

The subjects of Shore’s images in ‘Uncommon Places’ could well illustrate architect Robert Venturi’s seminal ‘Learning From Las Vegas‘ as they represent Venturi’s comments on the highway-dictated landscape to a tee. Below I have pulled a few quotes from ‘Learning … Continue reading

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