The Photobook Club aims to promote and enable discussion surrounding the photo book format. In particular looking at old, rare and influential photography books from the 20th century onwards.

We also run and support physical events around the photobook, more about that here.

The Photobook Club is run by Matt Johnston, you can follow us on Twitter and use the hashtag #photobc to get involved in discussion.

Matt Johnston

Matt Johnston is a photographer, researcher and lecturer currently working in the UK. Matt works on commercial and personal photography projects in Europe and the USA as well as consulting on social media and audience strategies for photographers and artists including Elinor Carucci, Steve Pyke and Simon Roberts.

Most recently Matt has worked alongside photographer and educator Jonathan Worth to provide the free and open undergraduate photography classes titled #phonar and now single-handedly runs the good-ship #picbod. Both of these open classes are hosted by Coventry University in the UK and have received interest and critical acclaim from around the world.

5 Responses to About

  1. Please add me to your mailing list.

    Thank you,

    Anthony Luvera

  2. jennifer gotch says:

    matt this looks amazing can i subscribe to updates or something xxxx

  3. Hollie Newsinger says:

    Hi Matt
    I am a third year at Nottingham Trent university studying fashion communication and promotion. I am currently working on a self devised project surrounding the future of the digital image. Currently, I have been looking into the future of sines/photo books and have found your website really inspiring! I was wondering if there was anyway that I could contact you with some questions…I’d love to pick your brain surrounding some of the topics I’ve been looking into.
    Hope to hear back from you!
    Thanks, Hollie

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