A Winter Meetup in Coventry

Next Monday I will be hosting a winter-themed meetup at the Photobook Club Coventry with students from the Photography BA course. There will be Christmas sweaters and tenuously linked winter photobooks alongside some drinks and discussion – should be a good’n…

This event is for the students but I will be running more next year that will be open to anyone in the area so pop me an email if you would like to attend.

PBC Coventry

- Matt

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2 Responses to A Winter Meetup in Coventry

  1. helka says:

    Love the theme! What were some of the book you had? I have a wonderful winter book, – “Snow” by Thomas Flechtner.

    • admin says:


      We had Vigo Mortenson’s ‘Winter Songs’, Peter Millar’s ‘Vermont People’, Bernard Fuchs ‘Roads and Paths’, Superstructure by Mark Power, ‘The Last Days of Shishmaref’ by Dan Lixenbourg, and a few more that now escape me! I have not seen ‘Snow’ – will have to check it out.

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