#fromthelibrary 4 Tom Wood – All Zones off Peak

As a bonus book from the shelves of Coventry University’s library I found this little gem – Tom Wood – ‘All Zones off Peak’. Well worth a look over the summer break, and much more to look at if you like this one!

“All Zones Off Peak is an extraordinary book. Wood has spent over fifteen years and shot over 3,000 rolls of film photographing Liverpool and its people from a bus. Visually stunning and dramatically revealing it is a body of work of immense power.”

“As good a set of photographs as one sees every five or ten years – if you’re lucky”
– Lee Friedlander

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One Response to #fromthelibrary 4 Tom Wood – All Zones off Peak

  1. Stan Banos says:

    Yes, a small gem of a book- would love to see the actual prints…

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