The Photobook Club Montreal

Great news from the first established branch in Canada that you can find on Facebook here or on their blog here.  

We are three people working on this initiative: Jean-François Hamelin, Jo Schryer and Thomas Bouquin. We started our meetings last month as a pilot project to see if Montrealers would be interested in photobook sharing. We had the first meeting at Jo’s and the next one will be at Thomas’.

The Photobook Club Montreal

So far the response to the Montreal branch is very good, we have a lot more people that want to participate in the meetings than we hoped for and we actually have to refuse people or put them on a waiting list. Because of our lack of space we limit the spots available to 12 and book people on a first come first served basis after we send the info to our mailing list.

We are working on interviews with photographers who work with the book form to fill our blog and hope to have special guests to our meetings. Some photographers have also started to send us copies of their books for us to share with our participants and we never expected this but since people seem to be into it we are working on building a small library for volunteers to share their work.

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